Friday, 31 October 2014

Trick or Treat? | Halloween Makeup

It's once again my absolute favourite time of the year... HALLOWEEN!!! Bit of a last minute 'costume' this year as I am on holiday and didn't actually know there would be any Halloween festivities going on at the hotel. But armed with my trusty makeup bag, I set off to create a rather interesting "I have no idea where I'm going with this so I'll just improvise and see how it goes" look that I've decided to label as a witch (coven here I come).

I thought I'd provide a little tutorial in case anyone wants to replicate this for a last minute look or late Halloween parties. Just note that this was my first time doing this look so it would probably look better if done again.

I used these products to create this look as well as the rest of my body shop brush collection.

Start with a cleansed face. Moisturise and prime before adding concealer and powder (I don't wear foundation but that would work just as well). Next I took my Benefit Hoola bronzer and applied it in a 3 shape on both sides of my face.

Using the shades 'fuel' and 'cool grey' from my MUA Undressed palette and Kiko's water eyeshadow in shade 213 (it looks out more like emerald than on this picture) I created a winged eyeshadow look.

I applied 'fuel' all over my lid and drew the outline of the wing in 'cool grey' I then coloured this shape in with the water eyeshadow and blended it out towards my brow. Then using my Benefit They're Real eye liner, I went over the edge of the wings to make them bolder.
I used the Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohls in the shades 'Superblack' and 'Aquabat' on my waterline and bottom lids. I used a green Barry M dazzle dust to go over the eyeshadow then I filled in my unfortunately light eyebrows with Benefit's Gimmie Brow.

I used a lipstick from Collection's Gothic Glam set (I think it's shade 2 but I can't quite remember) and then lightly applied the dazzle dust over it using an eyeshadow brush.

If you got this far, congratulations, you can now let your hair down (or put it up, or just do some crazy stuff with it) and put your costume on.

I just let my naturally wild hair do what it does best, popped a faux septum in and voila! I had myself a witch costume (ish).

I hope you have a wonderfully spooky Halloween full of food and fun!

Charlotte x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Baby Lips Electro Review

As some of you may be aware, Maybelline have brought out a new Baby Lips line of neon tinted lip balms. These come in four shades: Pink Shock, Berry Bomb, Oh! Orange! and Strike a Rose and are all slightly more daring than the regular Baby Lips shades. These colours just scream 80s to me, so I'm down for trying them out. I realise that these have been available in the USA for quite some time, but they have just been released in Britain so I thought I might as well review them for any GB gals who are still considering buying them.

Out of the four shades, I bought Berry Bomb and Oh! Orange! They are both quite slick and have a nice hydrating feel, however I don't think they're as pigmented as other tinted balms I have tried, which is gets a little annoying when I'm trying to quickly touch up my makeup.

I do quite like the packaging of these lip balms, even if it takes a while to get into them without breaking a nail, but it's bright, colourful and grabs your attention straight away.

I'll admit, I was kind of daunted by how bright the colour appeared to be, but after swatching them I was a little underwhelmed at how pigmented they actually were.

To be fair, I've tried worse lip balms. No, these aren't the most impressive lip products I've ever used, but they do hydrate and tint your lips even if its not to the extent that the packaging would suggest.

'Berry Bomb'

This is what Berry Bomb looks like when worn. I think I raised my expectations too high with this, as I believed I was buying something that would make my lips seems a deep purple colour. But as I said before, I need to keep in mind that these aren't lipsticks, they are balms.

I can kinda see the purple tint in this balm, but overall I didn't get the "sheer jolt of neon colour" that the Maybelline website promised.

'Oh! Orange!'

Unlike Berry Bomb, this balm seemed truer to the colour of the stick. Despite seeming more coral than orange, I quite like it as you don't need to apply it more than once to see the colour and when applied its bright without being too intense.

I'm still undecided about whether or not I should buy the other shades as I'm not sure if they will turn out more like Berry Bomb or Oh! Orange!, so I might be doing a bit of research into that one before doing anything about it.
If you have anything else to say about these lipbalms, please tell me in the comments.

Charlotte x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Festival Chic | Kendal Calling

Last weekend I went to Kendal Calling, a music festival situated in a deer park. This was the second time I have been and I was fully prepared with cans of deodorant and dry shampoo. Every year is themed and this year's was a significant improvement compared to last years movie theme. Lets just say that last year the queues for the toilet were a ridiculous length due to the amount of people, both male and female, who had come dressed as the bride from Kill Bill. We're talking yellow and black leather catsuit, worn by either Uma Thurman's doppelgänger or people who were too stupid to realise that festivals usually mean drinking, drinking leads to toilet, and leather catsuit + portaloo = very, very bad idea.
This year the theme was Space which lead to an array of tinfoil hats, golden leggings and Darth Vader costumes, there were even two Tardises and a roller disco on site which was #funkingawesome.
Playsuit - Hollister, kimono -, wellies - Hunter, sunglasses - Topshop, flower crown - bought at a Kendal Calling stall last year, necklaces - from a market in Spain.
On the second day I went dressed as Princess Leia, well what I imagine Princess Leia would look like had she gone through a hippie phase in her rebellious teenage years.
As I emerged from my tent with 34 grips, 2 feathers and a flower crown in my hair, I made a beeline for the main stage which was where Newton Falkner was playing.
He was absolutely incredible but I couldn't get very close due to the masses of people who had turned up to see him. Later in the evening, I was walking through the fields and walked straight past him, but I didn't realise until Dan turned to me and said "Wasn't that the ginger dreadlock guy who was on before?" As I turned around I saw him retreating into the backstage area, and away from me forever. Okay, so it wasn't as dramatic as that, but I was kicking myself afterwards for not being more observant.
Walking into the Calling Out tent, I caught the last 25 minutes of The Fued's set, they played really well and I bought their CD when they came off stage. I even got to chat with the lead singer and guitarist afterward, he was so lovely and although he was the only member of the band who came out to talk with people, he assured me that the other members were just as nice as he was.
This was the only photo I managed to get from the first day because after this point the weather took a turn for the worse and my phone started playing up. This was taken during a performance by Norma Jean Martine, an American singer/songwriter with an amazing voice, not dissimilar to Adele's. After this I went to check the Woodland stage out to find Alex Hulme just beginning his set. As he was on last year, I thought I knew what to expect from him, but it turns out I forgot how good he was and he immediately went on my mental 'must download' list. I caught up with him in the fields, we had a natter and this resulted with a cheeky follow from him on Twitter. 
On day two, after returning from the Calling Out stage, I found that people, who may or may not have had a bit too much to drink, had decided to start a mud slide. It was quite entertaining to see people dressed as garden gnomes, cyber men and astronauts cover themselves in mud to provide half an hour of amusement as Athlete's roadies set up on stage.
Afterwards, I somehow managed to wiggle my way near the front to watch Razorlight. It was a great experience, despite almost getting crushed in the moshpit I found myself in the centre of and having a man who thought I was his daughter pick me up and put me onto his shoulders, which was interesting to say the least.
Whilst waiting for The Happy Mondays to come on, the weather kept acting out (heavy rainfall was considered the norm that weekend) however, because of it I ended up having a lovely conversation with a guy who kindly offered to share his coat with me as a means of shelter. It was a kind gesture, even if everyone ignored the rain as soon as The Happy Mondays came on in order to get their Bez on (Bez being the guy in the white shirt whose sole purpose in the band is to 'dad dance' around stage with maracas).
As soon as The Happy Mondays finished my newfound friend and I sprinted over to the Calling Out tent where Rae Morris was about to go on stage. Anyone who knows me will know about my infatuation with her. Her voice is beautiful, her lyrics are heartfelt and her hair is amazing. I also feel a deep set connection with her as we are both from the North West, I play piano and she went to the college I'm going to; infact I originally found out about her through the college prospectus. All in all she was incredible, I sang along to every song and she even smiled at me a couple of times, we even got a little wave from the drummer which was a fun little extra.
After Rae had finished her set, we headed over to the Woodland Stage where Seattle Yatch Club were on. I initially went to see them because they had followed me on twitter the week before and I thought it'd only be polite to, common courtesy and all ;) despite seeing them being a quick decision, it was possibly the best I made during whole festival, their music is so upbeat and enjoyable, they almost made it seem like it wasn't raining (even though parts of the grounds had started to flood), so they also went on my must download list.
During their set I had three people come up to me: one teenager who asked if I was old enough to buy him and his friends beer (quite funny considering the fact that I'm a year younger than the youngest person in the group, so I couldn't have possibly bought alcohol even if I wanted to), a man dressed as a chicken who was attempting to dance with everyone and a girl who cried when she saw me because  she'd had a little too much to drink and thought I was Princess Leia and according to her friend "she just loves Star Wars so much!"
Upon our return to the Main Stage, Frank Turner had just come on stage. Despite starting quite far back, the sheer amount of people behind us had pushed us forward and by the time Frank started crowd surfing, we were close enough to the front for me to touch his bum as he passed over us (another highlight of the festival).
Waking up kinda late on Sunday panicked me a little because I had a dream that I missed Tom Odell and for a moment I thought I really had. At 11:45 I was running into the grounds half dressed, pulling my wellies on over my muddy feet. 
I caught the end of The Lancashire Hotpots (who were hilarious and started an audience long conga) and went for afternoon tea in a vintage clothing stall where I bought a really cute floral raincoat after having a chat with the lovely lady who ran it.
When I came back to the Main Stage, Simon and Oscar from Ocean Colour Scene were on and they were brilliant. Once they finished their set I shuffled my way forwards in order to secure a front spot for Tom Odell, even thought it was 3pm and he was due to play at 7pm.
This meant I was at the front for Reel Big Fish and Clean Bandit who were both fantastic, they interacted with the crowd and their music was so catchy and had everyone dancing. I even had the bass guitarist and saxophone player from RBF and Clean Bandit's drummer wave at me and Reel Big Fish followed me on twitter after I tweeted about how good they were.
After waiting at the front for 4 hours, the moment I'd been waiting all weekend for had finally arrived. The beautiful Tom Odell walked on stage and looked directly at me before beginning his set. He was brilliant, gorgeous (as always) and completely exceeded my expectations of him. There was one particular moment where my ovaries may have exploded: before playing 'Grow Old With Me' he said "I usually dedicate this song to all the lovers in the audience, but tonight I'm dedicating it to all the people without lovers... Like me" to which I involuntarily shouted "I volunteer as tribute" and he obviously heard me because he turned to wink at me and mouthed "thank you"! I think I died that day and then came back to life to see Miles Kane.
Miles was fabulous and his guitarist was quite attractive (ooh cheeky),and even thought he came on stage 5 minutes late, he more than made up for it with his fast paced, high energy performance. The only bother during this act was caused by a highly irritating woman who tried to barge her way to the front half way through, and then tried to start a fight with my friend when she wouldn't let her through to the barrier, but she soon disappeared (probably trying to get to the front somewhere else).
After Miles there was an hour long wait for Example, which brought to my attention the fact that I had been stood at the front watching acts for 7 and a half hours by the time he came on. However, this was soon forgotten when he started his set and immediately got the crowd dancing and singing along. I wasn't particularly bothered by the fact that I was being squashed by the masses of people behind me, even though I usually freak out in small, tight spaces, because I had quite a lot of space to move my arms as they were hanging over the barrier. Also Example kept standing at the front and interacting with the crowd, he even pointed at me during 'Kickstarts' and blew my friends and I a kiss during 'Playing in the Shadows'. After his hour and 45 minute long set, we headed straight for the food trucks because we suddenly realised that we hadn't eaten for the amount of time we were stood there, which was about 9 hours.
Dress -, Vest (originally a jacket) - Gap, odd bracelets I found lying around, everything else as before with the exception of the Kendal Calling stage timings around my neck.
This was my post-fullyloadednachos and pre-letsgopartysomemore face and I'm really suprised that my dress came home as clean as it did considering we were knee deep in mud most of the time (kindly displayed by my wellies).
So off we went to Chai Wallah, the more laid back and hippie stage, where we partied until there were no more acts to dance to and ate nachos covered in rice, fake meat and quacamole (because the vegetarian Mexican food truck had nothing else left, which was understandable considering it was midnight in the last day of the festival) before heading back to our tents for a good nights sleep.

If anyone is considering going to Kendal Calling, I would highly recommend it, it is such a great experience and I always have a great time. If you are planning to go next year then come and say hello!

See you in the fields!

Charlotte x

Sunday, 6 July 2014


First and foremost, I apologise for my lack of blogging over the past week or so, and for the photo overload on this post #sorrynotsorry.

Prom was perfect! I loved every minute of it and I owe it all to the wonderful people with whom I shared the experience with. Because I loved the night and loved the people so much that I have to share it all.  Everyone looked amazing and the whole night was so much fun. Thank you to everyone who made the night so special! I want to do the whole thing over again!

This was my dress from, and although it was a bit of a risk buying online, I am so pleased with how it looked on the night.
I had tried on so many different dresses in so many different shops but none were exactly to my liking. Once I had established what did and didn't look good on me I set out to Manchester with a certain dress in mind, but every one I tried on was either the wrong colour or shape. So in March I decided I had to settle on a dress or I would keep changing my mind and the fact that one of my options had gone out of stock gave me the little push I needed to buy my dress. Although it isn't clear in the picture, my dress had a silver halter which wasn't what I originally wanted but I kept an open mind and I grew fonder of it every time I tried it on!
My bag was from Aldo and my shoes were from New Look, everything I bought is explained in more detail in my prom shopping video on my channel.

I bought all of my jewellery from the Jon Richards collection in Debenhams, apart from my mum's gorgeous engagement ring which she so kindly let me wear as long as I never took it off!

My friends and I (left to right: Erin, Lucy, Aisha, me and Emily) travelled to prom in a split screen VW camper van that had been 'pimped out' for prom as the driver put it. 

When we arrived we met up with our friends Aniqah and Lauren (bottom left and centre) as they had already planned transport before we had.

I had my hair done at Be Beautiful salon and I loved how friendly and attentive the staff were, my hair looked great and I got 103 grips out of it, so all's well that ends well! I did my own makeup which was quite a big risk considering the fact that a year ago I couldn't even apply foundation evenly. I think that it turned out quite well and there should be a get ready with me video on my YouTube channel soon.

These girls in particular made my night worthwhile, minus Lucy because she was probably faffing around with something or other. We’ve become so close over the past few years and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better group of friends, even if they're all a head shorter than me in this picture. They’ve certainly tried to make me see the better side of school and I’ll miss our breaks together so much. The group is pretty much being split in half in terms of us going to different colleges in September but I really hope we'll stay close forever.

There was a bit of a high neck, red dress theme going on for the physics table gals! Hannah, Louise and I have grown so close over the past two years during physics lessons, I certainly owe these two for any scrap of skill I have in that subject because I'm useless when it comes to the whole space radiation thing.

I'll definitely miss not seeing this face everyday! Jess and I have been through thick and thin over the past 12 years, and even though we're no longer chubby little 8 year olds sliding down my stairs on trays, we've still had some great times together and I hope that we will continue to despite us going our separate ways.

The same goes for the beautiful Sian whom I have also been great friends with for 12 years! I'm going to hate not constantly seeing this adorable little face, but we have already made plans for a night of Criminal Minds marathoning.

My faves Erin and Lucy again! Thankfully we're all going to the same college so I'll still get to see these gorgeous faces everyday.
Of course all of the boys looked very smart in their suits, but they were all too embarrassed to let me post any pictures of them on the blog.

All the credit for me being able to construct a half decent sentence goes to my English teacher Mr Stringfellow! I'll definitely miss English, even if I was always picked to read in class (I'm not even joking, I had to read every lesson).

I couldn't write a prom post without mentioning the teacher who has been there for me for the past five years. I'm going to miss drama with Keller a hell of a lot more than most of my other subjects (no offence to any of my other teachers if any of you happen to be blog readers), she is the person who taught me that being myself shouldn't be a bad thing and that I am capable of a lot more than I realise. In case anyone is interested, I'm going to continue in my dramatic endeavours and there has been talk of me returning to help backstage with next years show!

Thank you so much to all my teachers, you’ve all been wonderful!  Sorry I couldn’t get pictures of everyone but I didn't want to go full on photo mad in this post. I could go on posting a gazillion pictures but I’d probably best stop now. Sorry about the major overuse of exclamation marks too, but my face hurt from smiling so much and I think they convey that pretty well.
And of course the after prom party was fab. I had a few friends over to mine and we burned our most hated subject books and in the process, almost set fire to my garden!

Until a few weeks ago I’d been eagerly awaiting the day my exams finished, but of course their end also brings the end of my time at high school. Thanks everyone for making it such an all round great experience!

Charlotte x

Monday, 23 June 2014

A Quick Update

Long time no see! I know I've not written in ages but I have a very good reason, I have been prom shopping. My prom is just around the corner, and by that I mean Friday, so I had to gather last minute bits and bobs to complete my outfit. Of course I'm super excited to be going to prom despite the fact that I lost a bet so have to reenact Dirty Dancing in front of my entire year. I keep trying to convince myself that it won't be that funny, but I'm sure it will be as I have the coordination of a two year old; I'm expecting a video of it to pop up somewhere and haunt me for the rest of my life. I'm still trying to maintain an air of mystery about me so I won't be revealing my outfit until prom, but I'm sure I'll be blogging about it as soon as possible.

I'm also taking suggestions with regards to my hair, I want to dye it but I'm not sure whether to go blonder or brunette, so I'm open to any input as I've never fully dyed my hair before.

This is meant to be a really quick update to explain why I've been absent from blogging for so long, but I'd also like to say that I have some exciting new projects coming to the blog and my YouTube channel. So keep an eye on both because I'd love to know what you guys think.

Charlotte x

Monday, 2 June 2014

The End of an Era | My High School Story

So today was my last official day of high school before I go on study leave and only have to come in for exams. We received our yearbooks and leavers hoodies and got everyone to sign our old shirts. Even though I know that leaving school means the start of greater things, I can't help but feel a little sentimental when I am reminded that I have left.
My overall experience at high school has been emotional and I hate to be cliche, but it has been a roller coaster for me. Each year has brought different things, some good, some bad, but I wouldn't change any of my experience as it has made me who I am today.
I apologies for the picture overload in this post.

I think it's safe to say I've changed a little over 5 years!

In year 7 I was a chubby, small, chipmunk-faced 11 year old who thought that high school meant I was completely independent and all grown up. I soon realised that that was far from the case. High school meant work, meeting new people and of course cringeworthy hair styles. In year 6 I could easily sit on my hair, it was that long, but in year 7 I stupidly decided to cut it into a bob (thankfully this occurred after picture day!). And of course I could never forget the time I let my friend set me up with a boy who looked like the milky bar kid (and still does to this day), only for us to stand awkwardly next to each other and never speak, boys were a foreign thing to us year 7 girlies you see, and it's easy to tell why that 'relationship' ended after a few short weeks.

The year 7 to 8 transition period when I thought I was too cool to do anything

Nothing particularly eventful happened in year 8 but everyone thought that they now ruled the school because they had successfully made it through one whole year of high school, looking back it is a ridiculous thing to think but it appears that every year, a new set of year 8s go through that phase.

Year 9. What can I say about year 9? For me year 9 was the year that I got noticed by boys, and when I say noticed, I mean they actually started talking to me because I'd returned from my summer holidays with glowing, tanned skin; significantly longer, sandy blonde hair and... I'm sure I'm forgetting something... Oh yes BOOBS! Because I was one of the early(ish) bloomers, I immediately caught the attention of a variety of males and at one point, I apparently had three boys fighting for my affection. I'm sure it wasn't as dramatic as I made it out to be as when I say 'fighting' I mean they were having some sort of competition to see who could give me the longest hug, one of them even sang to me in order to win my heart. But alas, his efforts were in vain as the one I truly loved was taken by none other than the girl I called my best friend (dun, Dun DUN!). It was painful for me so in an attempt to show him what he was missing, I accepted a Facebook relationship request from one of my many suitors and got my hair caught in his glasses during our first painfully awkward kiss. Needless to say that went nowhere and he still seems to hold a grudge against me for ending the relationship, despite him being the one that threw a whiteboard marker at my head as I was walking home.
I also went on my first school trip at the end of the year. We went to Holland and I also attracted the attention of an awkwardly cringy year 10 boy from the school we went on the trip with, as well as a younger boy from my own school.

You can tell why I was such a heartbreaker in year 9.

Year 10, this was the year I learned something about myself and a lot of other people. I'm not going to turn this into a pity post and claim I was bullied, as I don't think I was, but I believe I was the favourite target of a girl I used to be close friends with. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it started when we were doing the annual school show in September. We went into the auditions as good friends and exited the stage on closing night hating each other. My mum thinks it was because I got a microphone in show and she didn't and that this event sparked some sort of jealous anger inside her. This deep set hatred just built and built until January 2013 when she brought in cake to school and decided for whatever reason that she was going to throw it at me in front of most of my year and the year above. She spread rumours about me and told the 'popular kids' my secrets to hopefully become a part of the 'in crowd'. I spent most of that day being consoled in the toilets by a girl in the year above. Despite this horrible event, I wouldn't change it, as it brought me closer to one of my best friends, Hannah, aka: the girl who consoled me in the toilet. Needless to say that year 10 wasn't my favourite year but it made me learn who I could trust and who would bail on me when things got difficult. The girl who threw cake at me has since moved schools, but I haven't had a chance to talk to her about what happened, nor have a had an apology for what she did.
At the end of the year I went on another school music trip to Austria, where I grew closer with my fellow musicians, who helped me forget about the awful year I'd had.

And here I am with one of my closest friends Sarah (left) and my saviour Hannah (right)

This is my favourite picture from the trip, the boys are both in the year below and the girls I am with all moved up to college last year, but I am still in contact with all of them. (Left to right: Andrew, John, Becky, Me, Amy and Jess)

Finally, year 11, probably my best year in high school. It wasn't easy to start with as I had to find a whole new group of friends and was luckily taken in by one of the loveliest, most genuine people I know, my best friend Aniqah. 

Aniqah, a 5"3' ball of energy!

As well as getting to know a lot more people for who they truly are, I had the honour of being one of the leading roles in the school production: Galinda in the musical Wicked. The show was a medley show of five musicals from each decade from the 1960s to 2010, so as well being cast as Galinda (or Glinda, however you prefer it), I was cast as Miss Hannigan in Annie and opened this section in a rather inappropriate, tiny outfit whilst pretending to be drunk to sing the song 'Little Girls'. 

Galinda, the 'Ga' is silent

Annie humour

I have also been on many great trips this year including India, Paris and Poland. All of the trips have given me the opportunity to get to know more people in my school and I will never forget them.

In front of the Taj Mahal with my friend Helen

In Krakow in Poland with members of my history class
At a theme park in Paris with Helen, Jess and Zahra.

Today was emotional as it made me realise the effect that each individual in my school has on me and to appreciate what you have while you have it. It was hard to say farewell to my friends Sian and Jess (seen above), who I have known for 12 years and are going to a different college to me. I have also had two marriage proposals today (joke ones obviously) because I quoted Star Wars for my yearbook comment. 

“Why did you do all this for me?' he asked. 'I don't deserve it. I've never done anything for you.' 
'You have been my friend,' replied Charlotte. 'That in itself is a tremendous thing.” 
- E.B. White, Charlotte's Web.

My drama teacher Miss Keller, who has helped me so much through these past 5 years
My music friends who all have a special place in my heart

All in all I have enjoyed my high school experience as I believe it has made me a better person. I'd also like to thank the people that I have met at my school for making it a worthwhile and keeping me sane. If you'd like to see more pictures or hear more about my time at high school, I will be putting a video up on my YouTube channel sometime soon.

Charlotte x

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 
- A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh