Saturday, 6 September 2014

Baby Lips Electro Review

As some of you may be aware, Maybelline have brought out a new Baby Lips line of neon tinted lip balms. These come in four shades: Pink Shock, Berry Bomb, Oh! Orange! and Strike a Rose and are all slightly more daring than the regular Baby Lips shades. These colours just scream 80s to me, so I'm down for trying them out. I realise that these have been available in the USA for quite some time, but they have just been released in Britain so I thought I might as well review them for any GB gals who are still considering buying them.

Out of the four shades, I bought Berry Bomb and Oh! Orange! They are both quite slick and have a nice hydrating feel, however I don't think they're as pigmented as other tinted balms I have tried, which is gets a little annoying when I'm trying to quickly touch up my makeup.

I do quite like the packaging of these lip balms, even if it takes a while to get into them without breaking a nail, but it's bright, colourful and grabs your attention straight away.

I'll admit, I was kind of daunted by how bright the colour appeared to be, but after swatching them I was a little underwhelmed at how pigmented they actually were.

To be fair, I've tried worse lip balms. No, these aren't the most impressive lip products I've ever used, but they do hydrate and tint your lips even if its not to the extent that the packaging would suggest.

'Berry Bomb'

This is what Berry Bomb looks like when worn. I think I raised my expectations too high with this, as I believed I was buying something that would make my lips seems a deep purple colour. But as I said before, I need to keep in mind that these aren't lipsticks, they are balms.

I can kinda see the purple tint in this balm, but overall I didn't get the "sheer jolt of neon colour" that the Maybelline website promised.

'Oh! Orange!'

Unlike Berry Bomb, this balm seemed truer to the colour of the stick. Despite seeming more coral than orange, I quite like it as you don't need to apply it more than once to see the colour and when applied its bright without being too intense.

I'm still undecided about whether or not I should buy the other shades as I'm not sure if they will turn out more like Berry Bomb or Oh! Orange!, so I might be doing a bit of research into that one before doing anything about it.
If you have anything else to say about these lipbalms, please tell me in the comments.

Charlotte x